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Moomin Earbuds - ENG

Moomin Earbuds - ENG

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We have developed headphones that bring joy to life regardless of the place and even without noticing. Above all, we have invested in the audio experience and perfect durability. The smallest possible size and weight, a dazzlingly stylish and beautiful design and the best possible fit have always been at the center of the development work. We believe these are the smallest and lightest HIFI level fully wireless headphones ever on the market. Thanks to its size and 7 different ear adapter pieces, the headphones stay in your ears even during heavy movement. TinyS headphones won't disturb you, even if you fall asleep listening to music or audiobooks with them, because they don't press on your ears due to their size and perfect fit. In addition, 3 transparent shorter adapter heads are specifically designed for sleeping and 4 specially designed black heads are among the first in the world to be made of antibacterial material. This way you can put the headset in your friend's ear without worry.

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Moomin Earbuds

We want to nurture ecology with plastic-free packaging material, the smallest packaging in the world. 200 TinyS packages fit in a small cooler, while some large headphone packages from other manufacturers only take up the same space with 2-3 headphones. We encourage recycling and reimburse customers for all old JOY headphones with a tangible gift card and recycle the headphones again for new users. The entire manufacturing and transport chain is fully CO2-compensated through a Finnish ecological partner, which is a big pioneer in the electronics industry.

The headphones have been tested in the development phase by several top athletes such as Nooralotta Neziri, Camilla Richardsson, Kathellen Sousa, Ninny Valentini and Ludmila Silva. The feedback has been excellent, the headphones have been praised above all for their sound quality, suitability for an active life and as a training companion. The design and discreet elegance of the headphones have also been emphasized in almost every feedback. Some of the test group members are downright in love with the experience of using the headphones and use them almost non-stop also for talking and suppressing excess noise. When the headphones of a Brazilian top soccer test group member were stolen from the gym, he requested that the company's management immediately deliver the new headphones to Spain.

According to many of our customers, TinyS headphones pleasantly surprise their users. A typical first use is one where the user has a big "WOW" look and a smile on their face. We have been looking for this kind of reaction when we developed TinyS with a large test set. And it encourages you to constantly develop more.